Independence Day

“What comes to mind?”


“Again? Really?”

“Yes, it does, for me, but now in a good way.”

“Ah… yes”

“There’s freedom, too. From thought, from orienting myself on someone else, his and her expectations of me, perceptions and ideas maybe, rather than be independent for him- and herself and more of that every day.

1st August 1291 | 4th July 1776 | 14 Juillet 1789 | May 14th, 1948

All these dates we celebrate. Why? We fought, they did, and we still are fighting now, each for their own. Independence from what others want us to be, to believe, to have and see or not and need us now, to vote, to chose, declare, stand up in our own right for what we each know is true somewhere inside.

Mud is there, too. Cries.”

“Mud?! That’s somewhat of a surprise!”


“I don’t know…(pondering) just not obvious to me how “mud” immediately follows “independence” days.”

“Like a battle field. Aren’t they always muddy? Soaked with blood and tears? Not only from the fallen soldiers fighting there, the past, travelers, slaves, the pain, the stain, the deep wound of being tied, disregarded, dependent. Suddenly, it feels so unnatural that way! It should never be like that and yet, we are. Think about it.

Have you ever had a sting, an itch, a sharp pain in the middle of your back and your hands unable to reach? We need each other in so many different ways. Even our bodies are designed that way; back, front, we don’t see it all, we can’t, without some help, man, woman, to procreate. We need each other, to have someone else’s back! Through values, connecting us, like plugs, each his and her own code of sorts, a combination, unique, like DNA, that clicks when we are together independent, but one soul.”

“Huh, that’s right and beautiful this way.”

Silence in my heart.

“What now?”

S p a c e

“Be! here now. And so you are.”

“I know! What a gift to celebrate!”

“Find the good in everyone” my journal said, our sages tell us that. My mother must have heard it, too. She did. Do it, I mean. Always.

I wonder, was she ever disappointed? Not finding anything? I mean, her sister, brother-in-law, too? And yet, she’d say “even do it with a terrorist!”

“COME ON!!” (I remember thinking)

“Yes!” She’d say. “And if you can’t the good, then find your part in the opposite you see and make it good, ask, pray for forgiveness! It’s how we transform this world.”

Maybe she was right.

Happy Independence Day, America!

May G-d bless you and forgive you, us all, for all that we did wrong, knowingly or not and seek and find the good in everyone, always!

Published by Sara Shani

student, practitioner, writer, teacher, human, soul this is the journey of revealing my soul, finding its purpose and purpose in the moments i am in, to be a guide, a friend, a fellow traveller to others on the path.

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