“you mean with cars? or dogs? or so?”

“No. But let’s play with that thought, too! I meant like black, white, and all the other colors in between.”

“Hm, what about it? …don’t really want to talk about that now.”

“Ok. Never mind.”

“No, it’s ok. What did you want to say?”

“Just thinking: Why did Hashem make us like this? Different skin colors? He/She could have let it be with all the other differences we have, fingerprints, eyes, shapes, etc. Why add the obvious and so visible thing like skin color?”

“Why not? Look at nature, animals, they’re all different colors, too!”

“Well, let’s see, within the same species not usually like that, not like we are. I mean have you ever seen a black and white Zebra vs. a white and black Zebra?” (Laughs)

“No, but I’d like to. Would be cool, I think!”

“So, back to square one.”

“I don’t know. A question for the Rabbi, Mom, I think!”

“You’re done?”

“Sort of.”

“I think Hashem made us like this to distract and tease out what’s inside somehow and it surely works. We are distracted and completely lost in it these days. This need to differentiate why is that so important for us, too? Spiritually we know we’re all part of the same one body, the soul. But here we’re in a constant race!”

“Oh, I got it! Got it! Got it, now! It totally makes sense!! It’s much easier to see who is who this way. Kind of like on the track, you know? If they were all black Porsches, I’d never know who is who, given how fast they go. Maybe it’s more for Hashem than us?!” (smiling to himself)

“I like that. A lot!” Now I’m smiling, too, again.

Published by Janine

Artist! What more is there to say? Writer, a painter, drawer, scribbler, doodler, speaker, changer, changed, all at once, and so much more.

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