What if,
You knew 
with absolute certainty, 
that this life you live right now, 
the work, the worry, the pressure, 
the activities, 
endless as they seem and undone, 
are nothing of what you’re here for?

What if,
they only serve
to get you where you need to be,
with whom you need to be,
when you need to be there,
with him or her or them?

What if,
you'll never know
what you're here for really?
what then?
then, what matters?

that I'm there, then, with them

if that's all
what can you let go of?

about the things,
endless as they seem

and keep doing them 
like taking a train,
washing my clothes, the dishes,
maintenance of everyday life,
so too, is work,
maintenance to sustain
what really matters.

you play your instrument
you only hear yourself now.
you'll get to hear
the orchestra you were part of.

then you'll understand
what it was all about,
all along,
you'll laugh and cry,
and thank ME for this life.

Published by Sara Shani

student, practitioner, writer, teacher, human, soul this is the journey of revealing my soul, finding its purpose and purpose in the moments i am in, to be a guide, a friend, a fellow traveller to others on the path.

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