Life, death, a dialogue

I wish…


I could change people’s minds, help them see the bigger picture, the one even I can’t see but know is there, the one that I believe, if everyone knew, would cause us to recognize how we’re all connected and one.

That time is not yet here.

I know and am sorry to hear. There’s a heaviness in my heart for the week ahead here in this place we call America, the land of the free. Free it is, but who will see what is free? Our founding fathers did not mean free to kill each other, to lie, to cheat, though they too, did all of that. Their intent was one of striving to higher grounds. Freedom for that, I must believe.

If not that, freedom has no meaning, it is not here, does not exist. Because then we’re all slaves to our egos, our fears, the stories in our heads about the other. That’s not free.

We were never free to choose the opposite of good, not really. We’re called to more than that!

How do you answer?

That’s where the dialogue comes in. This is the dialogue, our life!

Every situation, a question from a higher place, a call, a text, S.O.S. to action, do good, choose good, think good, make your purpose count right now, right here, I need you, please!

How do you respond?

Decline the call? Let it go on voicemail, once again? Against your conscience you do, or choose not to, telling yourself it’s not worth it anyway? Or do you answer in the best most honest way you know how? Honoring the otherness, the different kind, seeking to understand what drives it? What makes it act this way?

What will happen is not up to you, or me. What is, is to answer the call. We must, that is what it means to be free to me, to be alive or not.

What is it to you?

Published by Sara Shani

student, practitioner, writer, teacher, human, soul this is the journey of revealing my soul, finding its purpose and purpose in the moments i am in, to be a guide, a friend, a fellow traveller to others on the path.

2 thoughts on “Life, death, a dialogue

  1. Glad to see you’re writing again. And searching for sense in these difficult days. Someone once said, “In times like these it is good to remember there have always been times like these.”


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