I wonder

what might be, will be, tomorrow? 
The day of rest for me.
It already is.
It too already is.
What? Where? 
Is this relative?
It isn't relative or dependent on anything.
All is, always has been.
Our perception of it changes,
just like the moon waxes and wanes,
sometimes we don't see any of it at all and yet,
it's there behind a bunch of clouds in full glory.
It is always there circling our Earth, or maybe it is the other way around?
I know, Judge, science has an opinion and so do I.
I like to wonder about opposites a lot these days.
A gift, buried in a dangerously explosive place?
It must be there, that must be it!
Just look a little closer! You might see it, yet.
Look until it reveals itself.
You'll see. You'll see, very soon, you'll see it all and understand.
For now, rest up dear friend. It's been a day, a week, a month of up and downs, a year, in fact! 
All of it has always been and is. Remember that.
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Published by Sara Shani

student, practitioner, writer, teacher, human, soul this is the journey of revealing my soul, finding its purpose and purpose in the moments i am in, to be a guide, a friend, a fellow traveller to others on the path.

2 thoughts on “I wonder

  1. Liebe Sarah

    Vielen Dank für diesen guten neuen Text mit dem schönen Mond-Foto! Toll!

    Bei mir hat sich inzwischen etwas getan: Vorgestern rief mein zukünftiger Chef an, ich kann den neuen Job bereits am 1. Juli statt erst am 1. September anfangen und habe somit keine zeitliche Lücke mehr zwischen dem alten und dem neuen, juhui! Ich bin sehr froh und IHR dankbar, dass sich das so wunderbar gelöst hat.

    Herzliche Grüsse Hadassah



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