walking home

i turned onto the narrow path
leaves mixed with snow
beneath my feet
and smiled

the earth
so near to me
so dear
so open and kind
though frozen for now

the tree
standing unstrong
but upright
holding on
to a force from within

i breathe and look up
the sky is blue a little bit
i'm walking home
via the park today

around the bend
i hear a song
i know that song
that bird 
from way back home
it was so nice
to hear it here

across the grass
i walk
passed the smoking chimney
that takes me back
away from here
to a place
in the mountains

no sound but breaths
from souls
and squeaking snow
beneath our boots
climbing the steep
old roman path
to nani's house
the exact same smell
in the air

our house
it was
for 300 years
they said
it is the neighbor's
this too did pass

and i am home again
from the park
and thank G-d for it

Published by Sara Shani

student, practitioner, writer, teacher, human, soul this is the journey of revealing my soul, finding its purpose and purpose in the moments i am in, to be a guide, a friend, a fellow traveller to others on the path.

One thought on “walking home

  1. Thank you for taking me on this precious walk with you. You have a way with words that transports one to place where time and place merge and the years melt into moments. Heart wrenching and heart warming. Please keep writing – yours is a gift.


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