What if,
You knew 
with absolute certainty, 
that this life you live right now, 
the work, the worry, the pressure, 
the activities, 
endless as they seem and undone, 
are nothing of what you’re here for?

What if,
they only serve
to get you where you need to be,
with whom you need to be,
when you need to be there,
with him or her or them?

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My body!
Of course, it's mine!
I'm woman,
I choose,
I'm pregnant.

My body, still.
I choose, still.
It's my right!

What right?
To choose what?
Who gave it, 
designed it, 
created it, 
looked at it and said:

Life within me forming, growing, evolving fast
Who gives it that power?
Who is doing this?
Still my body?

No! I don't think so.

Entrusted, on loan of sorts,
For another human to come forth,
Another soul to come down,
Destined to do good,
In a way, only it can,
To make this world a bit more whole.


Who's is it?
What do I owe this other being inside of me?
What do I owe its creator, 
Its' original life source?
What is Her/His plan for me, for her, him, in me?

We should pray for our governments,
The "Ethics of our fathers" teach.
Because without them, 
"Neighbors would eat each other alive."

Should they choose then?
Like China, Iceland, Sweden, and Germany at some point?
Choosing the conditions 
For a human life's right to exist or not?
Where does that stop?
If every human has a unique purpose,
Every moment even,
Then to choose to end it,
Is cutting off blessings, revealed and hidden,
For those around,
The village, the city, the country, the world.

Not enough food, China said.
The individual's right above all, the US claims.
A stronger, healthier population, others say.

What if,
We, deemed "normal" people,
Have simply not been granted the sense, the gift,
To see, to understand and receive,
The blessings from another world,
Through people sent to us with extraordinary skills,
Some call "special needs".

From our point of view it is a need,
Different from ours.
What about a different point of view?
Treasures locked up for discovery,
Through nurturing, to be set free,
With what humanity so yearns for,
Truth from deep within,
Love, unconditional,
Light from another world into our own,
To see, what's been here all along.

What if governments' role 
Instead of deciding 
What women can and cannot do, 
Provide structures for communities,
To support, value and nurture life?
To celebrate, to educate each in their own way, 
With permission to contribute, 
To fail and learn, and thrive.

What about criminals?! You cry.
They too are human, 
With a purpose in every moment. 

Without the inherent opposite of good
True choice could not exist. 
Without darkness,
Nobody knew the value of light.
As the Lubavitcher Rebbe taught; 
Darkness is not an evil power, 
It simply is the absence of light.

The obligation to choose light is the very meaning of life.
May you choose well.

Independence Day

“What comes to mind?”


“Again? Really?”

“Yes, it does, for me, but now in a good way.”

“Ah… yes”

“There’s freedom, too. From thought, from orienting myself on someone else, his and her expectations of me, perceptions and ideas maybe, rather than be independent for him- and herself and more of that every day.

1st August 1291 | 4th July 1776 | 14 Juillet 1789 | May 14th, 1948

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“you mean with cars? or dogs? or so?”

“No. But let’s play with that thought, too! I meant like black, white, and all the other colors in between.”

“Hm, what about it? …don’t really want to talk about that now.”

“Ok. Never mind.”

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